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Your Maternity Journey...

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First Trimester

During this trimester there are huge changes in hormone levels as well as potential anxieties about the journey ahead.  This can lead to feelings of delight, exhilaration, exhaustion or anxiety in any combination!  Reflexology will aid relaxation and reduce stress levels.

Second & Third Trimester

By this time most of the discomforts and concerns of early pregnancy have passed.  You may experience new physical symptoms as the baby grows and reflexology can help with these as well as general well-being and improved sleep patterns.

Preparation for Birth

Reflexology does not claim to induce labour but the general view is that it will help relax the body to prepare for labour at a time when anxiety is high, allowing the body to naturally produce the hormones required to start labour.

Fourth Trimester (Post Natal)

This amazing and exciting time is the beginning of a new era, but can also bring challenges.

You may find that you are questioning yourself and your actions, combine that with falling hormone levels you may feel low, tearful and or anxious.  These feelings can be exacerbated by the lack of sleep.

This is an important time to focus on yourself; if you are well, then you will be able to provide the best care for your child/ren.

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