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Our journey navigating life is similar to the seasons we encounter every year; only we take one day at a time.  As we develop from childhood we encounter puberty with the surge of hormones and confusion of teenage brains that ensues.  Finally maturing through adulthood, where generally we find a rhythm before our hormones diminish leaving us again to find a new flow.  As women, we have a 28ish day cycle giving us variance with our physical and emotional responses.  Learning to understand how our own cycle effects our bodies and empowers us to be our best, to work with our hormones rather than fighting against our own rhythm.

Women's Health

Reflexology is a fabulous treatment which can be used to support all areas of health as well as more specifically looking at the fertility journey we undergo.  Reflexology can help Fertility & Aiding Conception by balancing hormones, regulating the menstrual cycle and reducing anxiety, all of which can help enhance fertility whether naturally or through assisted conception.

Through pregnancy and the four trimesters of our Maternity journey, our bodies experience significant changes. Reflexology can help to optimise our physical and emotional health, as well as support symptoms relating to pregnancy such as back pain, constipation, heartburn, changes in sleep patterns and anxiety.  The treatment provides a safe place where the mind can be still and allows you to focus on your well-being.

At some point, all women will have hormonal changes through Peri - Menopause and Menopause and Reflexology can help by balancing hormones regulating the hormonal cycle and reducing anxiety along with supporting the plethora of other symptoms attributed to our hormonal changes.  Thankfully there has been much more talk about hormonal health and how it affects us all both physically and mentally.  Reflexology provides a space for the mind to be still, an opportunity to discuss or to be quiet and concentrate on ourselves as it is very likely we are juggling a multitude of things and stress is a key contributor to more heightened symptoms through menopause.

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I have specialist training supporting women in each of these areas to aid their specific journey, please have a look at Fertility & Aiding ConceptionMaternity and Menopause for more specific info.

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