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About me


I am passionate about the holistic nature of Reflexology treatments and trained locally in 2014, I have continued to develop my skills by working with a diverse range of clients and undertaking continuous professional development specifically focusing on various aspects of Women's Health.  This includes fertility and conception, guiding clients through the four trimesters of pregnancy and addressing issues related to Menopause, a topic which is close to my heart currently! 


In addition, I am a practitioner of Reflexology for Lymph Drainage (RLD) and offer this as a stand-alone treatment.  I make it a point to incorporate some RLD into all of my treatments as its benefits are extensive.  My clientele spans both sexes and all age groups, from young children to the elderly and I am particularly interested in supporting clients with their own Mental Health journeys.


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I have assisted a wide spectrum of individuals who seek Reflexology for various reasons and gathered ample anecdotal evidence attesting to its effectiveness in addressing a diverse range of conditions. Through my bespoke treatments, tailored to your specific needs, we focus on rebalancing the entire body whilst also addressing specific concerns whether observed through the feet or identified for targeted work within the body.

It is crucial to note that Reflexology is not a stand-alone solution, but part of a more comprehensive approach that can contribute to and enhance your overall well-being.  Finding daily solutions to navigate our busy lives is as important as dedicating more specific time to Reflexology for self-care.

I firmly believe in adopting a holistic approach by integrating clinical medicine and complementary therapy to improve well-being and reduce stress levels, thereby positively impacting both physical and mental health.  A significant amount of modern disease is now attributed to the increasingly stressful lives we lead. 


Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) 2015 - current

Member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) MAR 2014 - current

Paramedic -  Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) 2001 - current

What my clients say

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"I feel much calmer & have slept through the night - something I haven't done for years"



"I have been having allergy problems, these have settled after seeing Paula and I am currently not having to use antihistamines"



"I slept through the night, not even having to get up for a wee which is usually a regular occurrence"



"My family have said I am less 'angsty' after a session"



"My ongoing pain has eased and become more manageable after a course of 6 treatments


The swelling in my feet always reduces after seeing Paula

"My hot flushes have reduced in amount and severity since having reflexology"



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