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How are Your Self-Care Resolutions Progressing?

As February unfolds, it’s time to reflect on the January reset.  Have you maintained the momentum of your self-care promises, or has the initial energy dwindled? 

The most common resolutions in recent years focus on physical health and mental well-being.  Our mental fitness is intricately connected to our physical strength and energy levels.

Although we understand the importance of prioritising self-care, the challenge lies in sustaining new habits.  Amid our hectic lives, incorporating something new into existing routines can be a game-changer.  For instance, when brushing your teeth try standing on one leg whilst barefoot.  This simple act enhances balance and posture allowing your feet to experience a natural position benefiting all 26 bones. Additionally, it provides ample space for muscles, ligaments and tendons to stretch and relax in a weight-bearing position.

Consistency is key.  By making small changes anchored to daily routines and the four elements of diet, exercise, sleep & time spent outside, positive transformations become achievable.

Top Tips for Daily Changes:

Diet: Instead of trying to eliminate certain foods, add healthier options to your meals.  Incorporate something nutritious alongside your regular choices to avoid the feeling of deprivation.  If you crave something ‘naughty,’  start with a healthy snack like an apple or handful of nuts.

Exercise: Make exercise a snackable habit.  Don’t be deterred by the idea of an hour-long workout in specific attire.  Try doing squats whilst the kettle boils.  Any effort, no matter how brief, is a step towards improvement.  Five minutes of activity is better than nothing.

Sleep: Recognise your sleep rhythm, sleep is when our body restores and heals itself.  To create a conducive sleep environment, willpower has to work exceptionally hard to overcome the budgets of the TV, Film, and Social Media companies who know how to trigger our dopamine responses which entice us to stay engaged.  A 15-minute reduction in exposure to a blue light screen can enhance your ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep.  To reduce the dependence on willpower, try moving your phone to the other side of the room rather than a bedside cabinet.

Time Spent Outside: Connect with nature by observing the rhythms of the earth, sun and moon; take a moment to enjoy the sunrise and/or sunset. Spending time outside, will boost endorphins, improve sleep cycles with exposure to melatonin and absorb essential Vitamin D for mental well-being.

Remember, it’s never too late to start anew.  Regardless of where you are on your journey, every day is an opportunity to turn over a new page.

As winter settles in and we embrace hibernation, plan your daily ‘self-care snacks’ and consider more in-depth sessions like reflexology regularly, to provide your body with the time it needs to rebalance, reset and promote healing from within.

PB x


(dawn 01/02/24 Avon Beach, Dorset)

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