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How is reflexology going to help me?

The ultimate question when looking at holistic therapies; how is reflexology going to help me?

I think it is important to realise how we prioritise ourselves before we answer that question.

There are some things in life which we categorise as necessity such as food & shelter were as others are a considered more of a luxury such as holidays and self care with a vast range in between. In reality all are necessary for our wellbeing and scalable to our own personal circumstances.

I am learning, as I get older, the importance of self-care as this then enables me to support my family, friends & clients from a stronger place. Sometimes all I can mange is 5 minutes in the garden or a quick walk with the dog but I try to regularly incorporate a reflexology session to ensure that I take time out for my mind and body to switch off and rebalance.

I love the peace I feel after a session, it reminds me why I am passionate about being a reflexologist; to enable others to feel that sense of calmness in mind and body. Everyone is different but I can honestly say that all my clients leave in a more relaxed state than they arrived.

Stress increases our cortisol levels which are then triggers for so many medical conditions effecting our physical health. A recent research study, shows the health benefits for reflexology. ‘’Studies found that Short-term followup results showed that foot reflexology exerted positive effects on vital signs, reduced BP, HR, and RR and increased SpO2 ‘’ (Jing et al. 2022)

I am sure that a treatment which has survived for c5000 years has stood up to the test of time. As we have moved forward into a more evidence led medical system it is fabulous to start to see more of these studies documenting the benefits of reflexology.

Going back to my original question, how is reflexology going to help me? For starters following on from a treatment:

lower Blood Pressure,

lower Heart Rate

lower Respiratory Rate

increased SpO2 (oxygen levels in your blood)

PB x


Jing, Y., Liu, S., Pan, C., Jian, Y., Wang, M. & Ni, B. 2022. The Effects of Foot Reflexology on Vital Signs: A Meta-analysis of Randomised Controlled Trails. [online] available from:

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