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Updated: Mar 8, 2023

March! It’s the start of spring and new beginnings for the year. I know I’ve started to march about with a bit more of a spring in my step seeing different colours starting to pop up with new growth, Spring Solstice is round the corner where nights stop outlasting days and the days grow warmer and longer encouraging us to spend more time outside connecting with the energy from the earth; this change has inspired me to write a blog.

March includes International Women Day and Mother's day, so a time to really focus and celebrate all women. Looking back at women’s lives, they have certainly changed over the last few generations, we are now able to almost do anything we want but we still seem to have retained some of the more traditional roles as well; rather than a complete shift and rebalance of societal roles. Making things occur seamlessly within the household means that our minds are often so much busier than we give them credit for, constantly acquiring, processing, retaining and redistributing information for both our personal and professional lives.

Women have become even more adverse at multitasking, but as a wise relative once said to me ‘you can’t put a pint in a half pint pot’.

Life to an element is a juggling act, to ensure that you don’t drop anything it is essential to prioritise yourself. We are all busy looking after others, often not considering how we look after ourselves, we may grab a snippet of time here or pretend that we are taking time for ourselves when we head off to bed tired and unable to absorb anymore that day.

What I have learnt over the last few years as I started to understand my body turning into a new chapter and phase of peri menopause, I need to look after myself, create time just for me to be still, to allow my head to empty and rest, to stop juggling, then I can look after myself, my family & my clients more effectively.

Reflexology has always been my go to for me, it's what made me decide to train to become a reflexologist. I love the feeling of relaxation, complete stillness of mind and body through a treatment, the knowledge that a rebalancing process is occurring, the feeling afterwards of a clarity and calmness, a client once used the word soporific which has always made me think of Benjamin Bunny stealing the lettuces in Mr McGregors Garden. In fact writing this has made me book my next appointment

PB x


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