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Stress - and its Personal Effects

Updated: Feb 19

It is widely reported that we process more information today than ever before. Our sensory nervous system and hormonal systems are filtering and responding to far more than we did 20 years ago, let alone 100 years ago. Technology is moving forward and developing quickly, the average smart phone has more power in it than the space rocket which put man on the moon!

What does this mean for our stress levels just processing all of this, how does it effect our physical and mental health?

Through our natural responses to a perceived threat (flight or fight) we release a surge of hormones, which increase our heart rate and blood pressure giving you more energy but also suppressing our digestive, reproductive and growth processes as well as effecting our mental health responses such as fear, mood and motivation.

This is usually self limiting stopping when the situation passes, but if our stress remains constant so do our hormones, long term exposure to increased stress hormones can disrupt almost all of our bodies responses.

We need time for our brains and bodies to rest, recuperate and restore. After an injury you take time out and rest, we all need to create that downtime in our lives away from stressors; this is when our bodies create their own healing and rebalance our hormonal responses to busy lives, stepping back from the flight or fight response.

Reflexology creates a relaxed/mediative state of mind and body the treatment is evidenced to reduce Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Respiratory Rate as well as supporting our hormonal responses and rebalancing our minds and bodies.

How are you going to create some time to look after yourself today and reduce your stress, switching off from screens & media, spending time outdoors, cooking, reading a book or booking a treatment?

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